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Can I import activities that are registered with Samsung Health and Samsung Gear device?

  1. Open your MapMy app
  2. Open the app's Menu and select Apps & Devices
  3. Scroll down the list and select Samsung Health
  4. At the bottom, tap on Connect
  5. If prompted, log in to your Samsung account (iOS only)
  6. Toggle ON the Samsung Health integration, and allow MapMy to read and write Exercise into Samsung Health
  7. Once connected, the following information is shared between MapMy and Samsung Health:
    • Workouts - logged or tracked workouts are shared from MapMy to Samsung Health and vice versa. You can expect the following data from your workout to be shared: exercise type, calories, distance, duration and start/end times.


    What if data stopped syncing between my Samsung Health and MapMy accounts?
    • In the app, open the menu > select "Connect Apps & Devices" > select "Samsung Health" > Disconnect. Follow the same steps for reconnecting.
    • On website, visit the Connect Accounts & Devices page and click the blue link icon within the Samsung Health widget. Click to disconnect it from MapMy. After doing so, reconnect Samsung Health and check if the data transfers to MapMy within 24 hrs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I connect MapMyWalk, MapMyHike, MapMyRide, or MapMyFitness to Samsung Health?

    Yes, all MapMy apps now integrate with Samsung Health. 

    If I'm using my Samsung Gear device to track workouts with MapMyRun, how can I make sure they sync with Samsung Health?
    In order to sync workouts recorded with your Samsung Gear device, please open the MapMyRun app on your Gear device after saving the workout, and automatic sync will be initiated. Please ensure that your Gear device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth at that time. Your workout should then appear in your MapMyRun account and Samsung Health app on your mobile device.
    I'm seeing duplicate workouts in Samsung Health. How can I prevent this? 

    We recommend using only one app to sync your exercise to Samsung Health. Syncing exercise with Samsung Health from multiple apps may cause issues with duplicate workouts. To edit your Samsung Health sync settings, go to the "Connect Apps & Devices" menu in MapMyRun and select Samsung Health. 

    How come my step and sleep data doesn't sync from Samsung Health to MapMy?
    At this time, our integration is only equipped to read/write workout data between the two apps. 
    When I connect my accounts, do historical workouts get imported?
    Upon connection, some past workouts in Samsung Health may import to MapMy. If they already exist within our system, we shouldn't duplicate them.
Last modified: 2022-10-19 14:34:59