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How to create your own Challenges?

  1. On the Distantrace.com page, select "Create event". https://distantrace.com/en/manager/?create_event=1 

  2. You need to create your Organiser/Manager profile.

  3. Press "Create new event", choose the duration /type of the Challenge.

  4. You can change the parameters of your Challenge yourself -> Settings - The Challenge can be both private (available to participants with a password) and public - available to every user of the platform, they can be done both by teams and individually. Basically, you, as the Organiser, create the rules for your Challenge.

The Organiser of the Challenge follows the correct progress of the Challenge, the results of the participant, activity, added comments, etc. are visible in the Manager.

Last modified: 2022-12-15 14:21:41