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What to do, when I can't see my activity?

There can be few reasons, why you don't see your activity in the results of competition/challenge:

  1. You are not applied for active challenge or competition, that results are calculated from your activity, in this case we do not process activities.
  2. Your profile is not connected with sport program, that activity is recorded on. You can make a connection here.
  3. If sport program is connected, possibly, activity is still not synchronised - for example, sport program itself hasn't synchronised acitivty with distantrace.com, or program hasn't synchronised with your device, there are programs that needs more time to sync activity. If activity appears on sport program, but not on distantrace.com, you can upload it manually here, you can also upload it in your profile, "MyActivities".
  4. Possibly, acitivty is done before connecting sport program with distantrace.com.
  5. In some competitions and challenges, we register only activities, that are done after user is applied for challenge/competition, it depends on rules that organiser has made for challenge/competition.
  6. Possibly user has made two distantrace.com profiles and acitiviy is upload on wrong profile, not the one that is applied for challenge/competition. For example one account is made with email and password, the other one with Facebook or Google. In this case user need to disconnect all sport programs fromt account that is not applied for challenges and connect with the account that is applied.
  7. Also in sport program can be created more than one profile (again used different sign up type- either Facebook or Google, and email and password). User needs to check conections, that your distantrace.com profile is connected with that sport program account that user is using to record activities.
  8. If activity is done wrong- either with no GPS, in wrong time or place. All the rules different for every challenge, user should check organiser rules for challenge/competition.
  9. Activity must be recorded. Using "Start" and "Finish" button on sport program. We don't register step counting.
  10. There can be technical trouble with device. Always check if GPS is working, make sure phone or watch is on all the time that you are doing activity- or you can use more than one device, just to be sure.
If you have a different problem, contact us, we will help you.

Trouble connecting MapMyRun+Facebook+distantrace.com
If MapMyRun is connected with Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Create password HERE "Request Password Resset"
  2. Check your e-mail for link to create password
  3. On ypur distantrace. com profile Connections choose Under Armour Connected Fitness
  4. Sign up MapMyRun, use username and new password. Don't connect with Facebook.
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